5 Ways to Keep Your Auto Repair Shop Clean

An auto repair shop can be one of the dirtiest places if not well-kept. This is because of the activities that happen there. If you own a car repair shop, it is crucial to keep it inviting and comfortable for your customers and your workers. Having a clean and organized building is one way of marketing your auto repair business. So, places like the bay, the waiting room, and even the bathrooms should be sparkling clean. Remember, the customers will judge you from the appearance of your place and your workers even before you repair their car. So, this article has created a list of different ways of making you’re your auto repair shop is clean and organized.

Hire Laundry Services

Workers’ clothes tend to get dirty quickly from the environment they work in. There is grease, oil, dust, and all kinds of dirt that come with a car. So, when repairing the vehicles, it is easy for them to get dirty. Dirty uniforms can paint a bad picture of your business. Therefore, it is advisable to hire uniform laundry services Portland to ensure the workers have a clean set of uniforms every morning.

Clean the Waiting Area

Your customers will need a clean and comfortable place to sit as they wait for their cars. Therefore, you must ensure you have a clean waiting area for them. Provide enough seats and wipe them off the dirty ones once in a while. Whenever you have oil or any other spillage, ensure it is wiped immediately. It is easy to forget such things when you have a lot in your hands. Just make sure the place is clean and safe for your customers. They will be more than willing to return to your shop should their cars need more repairs.

Organize your Place

Even if you clean your auto shop, you will not meet the customer’s expectations if it is

disorganized. So, have everything in its right place to make it easy for the workers. It would be a good idea to keep a mobile organizer for the workers. It will be easy for them to work and ensure the small tools don’t get lost. A toolbox will keep the items in one place, and you can easily move them around without losing any item.

Clean the Washroom

Nobody likes going to a messy bathroom, and if yours is in this category, you will lose your customers. A clean auto shop includes clean bathrooms. So, ensure the washrooms are cleaned properly to make them safe for the customers. You can ensure they are thoroughly clean right before you open the shop. If you operate 24 hours, you must keep a close eye on the washrooms. This is another part of your business that can tell a lot about you.

Hire Professional Cleaning Services

If you cannot do the things mentioned above, it is best to hire professional cleaning services. Holding every worker responsible for the cleanliness of their space is not enough. However, with expert cleaners, you are guaranteed is a thorough job.

To Wrap It Up!

The points above seem like a lot, considering the load of work in an auto repair shop. However, once it is done regularly, you only need a little effort. Everyone loves a clean place, and your auto shop should be one of the cleanest places.