Keter Celebrates 75th Anniversary as CEO Alejandro Pena Showcases Plans for Future

Alejandro Pena has been the CEO of Keter Group since he was installed in the position in 2017. Brought onboard to help the company expand into new markets, Pena has been instrumental in guiding the business toward its continued innovative efforts.

Geared around the idea that they are Driven to Invent, Keter Group has become a luxurious global lifestyle solution for indoor and outdoor products. With 24 plants across 90 countries, Keter already reaches new customers daily.

Pena and Keter recently celebrated the 75th anniversary of the business by focusing on some of the improvements they have made in recent years.

Creating Classic Products Again

A glance back to the 1800s would reveal the French Adirondack chair, also known as faux bois. Made with false wood, modern faux bois have the comfort and transformative properties consumers want, all without that major price point.

Keter CEO Alejandro Pena points out they are creating Adirondack chairs with cutting-edge materials to mimic the lifelike look of wood as well as the longevity of the material. The chairs are all made in the United States and are equipped with a 20-year warranty.

The classic Adirondack Chair design was popular in the 1800s when the French made the chairs. With a practical upgrade and a focus on sustainable materials, Keter has enabled households everywhere to bring affordable luxury to their property.

Focusing on Sustainable Products

Alejandro Pena said of their sustainable products, “Resin is a phenomenal material that enables great benefits to consumers, but it needs to be used responsibly.”

Keter has made significant progress toward achieving its sustainability goals, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20% in 2021 alone. Keter continued to push its use of recycled content in its products that same year, rising to nearly 39.4%.

Pena said, “Keter is passionate that we are not only a business driven by innovation and a leading company in our industry. We are also a company that lives by the values of being good to the environment and our communities.”

Keter and Pena advocate for sustainability because it is good to do and because it also gives them a competitive advantage over the long run.

To continue its focus on sustainability, Keter Group has also become more proactive in returning and collecting products for secondary uses to help ramp up its overall dedication to the goal of sustainability. This has invoked the installation of manufacturing facilities closer to where their products will be sold.

As Keter continues to ramp up production after its 75th Anniversary, Alejandro Pena suggests consumers keep an eye on what the business is doing. Pena says, “We’re not only a leading player in our industry but also a responsible member of our community and the place where people would want to come and work and be part of our company.”