Mobility solutions for service management


Utilizing the benefits of mobility to connect with employees, partners and your customers anytime, anywhere are smart keys for service chain optimization. In this white paper we discuss the application of mobility solutions for service management. We can maximize the use of productive resources, uptime absurse and customer satisfaction with the optimization of the end to end company service, mobilized for each role.

Mobility solutions for service management. Adding pressure to give results delivered simultaneously and embrace change is a request of employees, customers, and business partners to be safe at any time, anywhere access to sound, video, data and application. These users all want to connect, regardless of whether they are in the office, traveling for business, or working from home. And we can see mobility solutions as a way to improve customer experience and to provide additional income. Mobility solutions for service management help you improve service, employee connectivity, and give you:

• Scheduling field services
• Labor management
• Customer interaction
• Location-based service
• Stock management

Field service scheduling software

This provides intelligent appointment scheduling that ensures that your commitment to your customers can be supported by service operations. It optimizes schedules on service days to maintain most of the previous planned schedules. Manage unexpected events and suggest changes to the schedule to accommodate real-time situations while maintaining optimal service levels. Finding the right balance to carry out high priority work with routine maintenance work – ensure that low priority work is still done, while ensuring operating efficiency.

Labor management software.

Labor management software is designed with specific challenges of planning field field resources in mind. As a result, this helps service organizations create an effective capacity plan and lay the foundation for proper shift planning, customer interaction management. It provides service organization with a number of self-service and automatic features designed to allow you to provide the best service to your customers while still watching your bottom line. Used together with our optimized scheduling solutions, location-based services and cellular offers.

Location-based service.

Location-based services (LBS) open the world of opportunities for smart service organizations, especially when integrated with service optimization technology. Optimized service organizations can move beyond the basics of location technology, to use information in new ways that can be further followed up. It takes a real-time location of field resources and provides better decision making such as scheduling services and optimization, early warning for late arrival and other related scheduling decisions.

Stock management

Stock management is very helpful in determining the form and percentage of goods filled. It takes in different locations in the facility or in many locations of supply networks. It also involves systems and processes that identify inventory requirements, set targets, provide filling techniques, report the actual inventory status and projection and handle all functions related to tracking and material management. This will include material monitoring that is moved into and out of the location of the stockroom and reconciliation of inventory balances.