Sinclair Founder Andrew Brooks Speaks at the NRF Vision Panel

Andrew Brooks, the founder, and CEO of Sinclair Global had the opportunity to speak at the NRF Vision Panel in 2020. The NRF (National Retail Federation) held the gathering just shortly before COVID changed the landscape for so much of the retail and business world. The evolution of the retail industry has been incredibly fast in recent years, and all indications are that it will continue to move quickly. Anyone who wants to be part of that industry needs to be prepared for that.

New products are coming out every day, and the companies that are making these products are working to showcase their value of them to markets that have motivations and preferences of their own. In other words, the products are often designed around preexisting preferences in the marketplace. But there are also many products being created by companies that focus on showing the world why they should have the motivation to buy those products.

Mixing Media

By using a mix of different media and platforms, says Brooks, these companies can convince people all over the world to buy from them. Even though that generally works well for many companies, it’s also not possible to be successful this way without some skill, determination, and dedication. Sinclair’s Andrew Brooks has been successful with the creation of new products and new companies, which is why he was such a good choice to speak at the NRF Vision Panel.

The conference is based in NYC, and nearly 40,000 retail professionals attend it. An expert panel, including Sinclair’s Andrew Brooks, share insights and information related to the retail industry, allowing those who want to advance in that sector the opportunity to receive advice and knowledge. One of the most significant issues Brooks discussed at the conference was an increasing consumer desire for authenticity in what they’re purchasing and from the companies where they’re getting their products.

Influencers In Retail

With two different apparel companies, Brooks is a valuable resource in this area of the retail sector. He’s also well-versed in the changes that have taken place recently, which helps him discuss those changes with others who are considering getting into retail, as well as those who are already in it and looking at ways they can improve their craft.

Influencers are a large, up-and-coming area for the retail sector. Many companies already use them, but this will continue to grow over time. Andrew Brooks, Sinclair Founder, is quick to point out that it’s not a good idea to choose just any influencer, even if they have a big following. Instead, they need to be aligned with the brand and the product. Otherwise, companies lose that authenticity that consumers want, need, and expect today.