Tips for hiring the right people to serve your customers

Having the right personnel interacting with your customers is very important for long-term business success. Customers expect certain levels of service, so it is important to have the right contact with your customers. Here are some tips on hiring the right people to serve your customers:

1. Rent Attitude – Although the most common employment, I believe that the attitude must be a top priority. Customer service requires one to have mind service. This mindset brings confidence for the need to always be ready to serve, to work extra to make other people happy. When interviewing prospects, make questions about what gives the prospect of feeling of fulfillment at the end of the working day or in life in general. Listen to references along the lines help, present or solve problems.

2. Energy rental – After serving customers themselves on the phone and face to face, I know that providing great customer service requires energy. It is very important to remain optimistic throughout the day because of a person’s lack of energy is very striking for customers (yes – lack of energy is very visible through the phone.) Notice how your prospects enter the room, how they welcome you, their posture, they are during their interview and rate of response to your question. These are all tips about the energy level they will bring when interacting with your customers.

3. Hire a good ear – the ability of someone to listen well is the other nature needed to be successful in customer service. Good ears help someone to listen to what is important for customers. When developing solutions for customer needs / desires, good ears are very important because they allow you to ask a good question in response to the reason the customer provides to find your product / service. They also help in filtering for real problems when customers are upset. The need to speak must be secondary to listen. How good is the prospect listening during the interview? When you lead a conversation, what prospect waits until you finish your thoughts before talking? Do their responses / questions show that they listen actively when you speak? Do they keep eye contact during a conversation? This is an indicator of someone’s listening ability.

4. Hire a thinker – I often look back at my career at customer service and think about how often I have to stand up quickly when working with customers. Not every routine situation and often needs to formulate a resolution quickly. The ability to determine what is needed in this non-routine situation (which requires a lot # 3) and then makes the action plan is the key to maintaining customers. Customer service personnel must be able to think of their way through this situation to create the best solutions for customers and companies. Give the situation and scenario to your prospects that require them to develop an action plan.

5. Lease curiosity – asking questions is the main component of customer service because it helps someone to develop the best product / service solutions for customers. Curiosity is a good nature for customer service personnel to have. Find people who have questions about your company – where goes, what can be expected by prospects if it is chosen for positions and even questions about your history with the company.

6. Hire a team player – while doing my customer service task, I find that more often than not, my actions have an impact on others in the company. It is important to remember not to have a negative impact on others when providing services to customers. You can determine the level of your prospect team by listening to group activities when you ask about their interests.